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Aiming for Intent, Activating Beyond Life Cycle



Havas Media worked with TD Bank to shift its approach to targeting, flipping the narrative on an age-old insight and championing nuance over tradition. Previously, TD Bank – and the financial services sector as a whole – identified life events (such as moving, getting married, having a baby) as moments when people face financial decisions and must reconsider their options, including opening new checking accounts. Havas Media tested this theory for the range of checking products and found room to expand.



Research uncovered that “life stage” targeting did not increase propensity to open a new checking account and failed to effectively grow volume. Examining the data, the agency found that today’s digital-age consumers – especially Millennials – lack brand loyalty. This group tends to open multiple accounts, leading to a more fluid market. The rise of online banking has contributed to this trend, easing the sign-up process and generating visibility for newer banking brands.

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Havas Media and TD Bank implemented a robust data strategy to make the media-buying approach more responsive to unpredictable triggers and signals. By moving away from “life stage” targeting and toward a broader – yet subtle and discrete – series of intent signals, TD Bank captured more consumers in financial consideration moments.

Understanding the path of the new digital customer, Havas Media employed a full-funnel acquisition strategy that presented the specific bank product offer in the most effective context. This approach humanized TD Bank’s media, forging more meaningful connections with consumers that opened space for growth.



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SEM with Google/Bing

Historical performance showed search as the most efficient tactic to drive acquisition of checking accounts. To scale this tactic rooted in live queries, Havas Media looked to new tactics to grow search click volume over 50%, including competitive search syncing with TVTY, first party Customer Match, and remarketing lists. Complete volume grew by 25% and dropped the CPA to 75% under goal.

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   Programmatic Display

Prospecting, Lookalikes, and Retargeting: Havas Media emphasized in-market behaviors, building off the converting audience to scale the campaign effectively up to 15% more impressions pushing a 10% decrease in CPA.

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Rockerbox Recency Prospecting

Advanced analytics reporting uncovered that prospects’ likelihood of converting increased within one to two weeks of exposure to TD Bank’s message. Havas Media partnered with Rockerbox to build recency prospecting, remessaging users exposed to a TD Bank ad within the past hour or two.

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Facebook and Instagram Prospecting

Lookalikes, and Retargeting: Havas Media applied the targeting learnings from display to social, removing the “life stage” targeting and adopting LAL off various on-site actions that showed someone was likely to open an account. Start rates increased by 70%, and CPAs drove down to 70% under goal. 




Within the proprietary model, Havas Media tracked the relationship between volume and CPAs using logarithmic curves. The agency optimized based on the campaign’s high-performing tactical elements, keeping CPA efficiencies low without compromising business growth. Checking account digital acquisition from media increased by 32% in 2019, with over 12,000 new signups and CPAs -65% below the KPI goal.  

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